los angles food and wine molecular cocktails lexus
Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival
Molecular Cocktails for Lexus

Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance Molecular Mixology Mike Yen
Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance
Molecular Cocktails for Lexus

Brandt Beef Celebrate the Chef Del Mar Races sous vide Mike Yen
"Celebrate the Chef"
Sous Vide Cocktails

Molecular Mixology Alcoholic Smores 2.0 by Mixologist Mike Yen
Alcoholic S'mores 2.0

As Seen On:
The Cooking Channel Food(ography) molecular mixology with Mike Yen

First episode of Season 3:
Food(ography) with Mo Rocca cooking channel mixologist mike yen

Food(ography) is an awesome show for foodies that depicts what they declare as pornography for food. I will be demonstrating my molecular mixology spin on a classic nostalgic favorite in my alcoholic S'mores concept.

San Diego Spirits Festival mixologist battle competition Mike Yen

Meanwhile, I've been amused with revamping old concepts and giving them a more modern twist...

San Diego Mixologist Catering Events Private Parties Weddings Mike Yen
Alcoholic Gummy Bears

For custom Molecular Mixology at your next event, party or wedding:

Custom Molecular Mixology by Mixologist Mike Yen
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Alcoholic Gummy Bears • Liquid Nitrogen Cocktails • Gelatin Cocktails


Mike Yen San Diego Molecular Mixologist
Modernist Molecular Mixologist

Molecular Mixology Blueberry Mojito Pot
Molecular Blueberry Mojito

Like in the music or film industry, many artists revert to remaking classics from the past when current trends become exhausted. Mixology is no different as we continue to see more retro, pre-prohibition bars sprout roots.  However, technique and science can provide ramps over these plateaus and open eyes to new experiences. Art pushes technology, just as technology pushes art.
Molecular Mixology Key Lime Pie Jello Shot
Key Lime Pie Shot

Molecular mixology continues to nourish my imagination and provide an unparalleled outlet of artistic expression from behind the bar. Molecular gastronomy tears down walls that used to confine the artist to only taste, sight, and smell. As Heston Blumenthal would attest, gastronomy invites the explorer to open up all his senses and tap into a more influential component, the perception of the mind. 

Molecular Mixology Blood Orange Caipirinha
Blood Orange Caipirinha

Recently, San Diego mixology has taken great strides thanks to all the talented mixologists in our beautiful city.

Molecular mixology bloody mary sphere with bacon powder
Old School Bloody Mary Amuse Bouche
Molecular mixology bloody mary sphere with lime leaf
New School Bloody Mary Amuse Bouche

I will continue to reinvent myself and hope that you can join me in my Molecular Revolution.Molecular Evolution of the Chocolate Cake Shot
Molecular Evolution